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Discover strategies for every age group to improve balance, strength and mobility, or learn how to manage chronic pain. Our physical therapists (PTs) are trained to teach clients specific, tailored home exercise programs targeted to reach optimal recovery.


For adults, PTs work to improve balance, overall leg strength, and walking patterns after injury or during recovery after an orthopedic surgery. PTs may also educate on drug-free chronic pain management strategies and proper body mechanics during daily tasks.


GENERAL: Walking, fall prevention, pelvic health, low back pain management, and durable medical equipment recommendations

ORTHOPEDIC: Post-surgical orthopedic monitoring for spine, pelvis, hip, knee, or ankle joints, sports rehab, and lower extremity strengthening

NEUROLOGICAL: Neuro-specific techniques for lower extremity weakness, relearning muscle coordination, and balance


Post-surgical orthopedic recovery from a joint replacement, injury to lower extremities such as neck, spine, hip, knee, or ankle, joint pain or stiffness, chronic pain management, amputation, multiple sclerosis, neurological disorders including stroke and traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, and spinal cord injury.


PTs provide strategies for children to improve balance, overall leg strength, and mobility necessary for every day skills and development.

PTs may creatively use exercise programs centered on postural control, flexibility, coordination, and gross motor skills required for balance training or recovery after an orthopedic surgery.


Trunk control, flexibility and coordination are essential for kids to sit, crawl, jump and run.

Lower extremity strengthening focused on all the major joints to ensure children are walking and balancing just like their peers.


Lower extremity injuries to the spine, hip, knee, ankle, or foot, joint pain or stiffness, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, developmental delays and movement disorders, spina bifida, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.


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