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Gain concepts for children to older adults on everything from handwriting and social skills to independent living and fall prevention. Our occupational therapists (OTs) value teaching clients, caregivers and guardians alike how to best implement therapy strategies and help their loved ones as best as possible.


For adults to older adults, OTs improve function through occupations, or functional tasks, after a medical emergency or other chronic ailment. OTs support independent living and safety through home modifications. Also, OTs may focus on upper extremity injuries including frozen shoulder symptoms or carpal tunnel syndrome.


GENERAL: Fall prevention, arthritis, aging in place, energy conservation, and durable medical equipment recommendations

ORTHOPEDIC: Upper extremity or hand injuries, arthritis, and chronic pain to the arm or hand

NEUROLOGICAL: Neuro-specific techniques for upper extremity weakness, relearning activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, or simple meal preparation


Upper extremity injuries (shoulder, elbow, wrist, or hand) with joint pain or stiffness, post-surgical orthopedic recovery for the shoulder, spine, hip, or knee joint, neurological disorders including stroke, traumatic brain injury, and Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and other related diseases, depression and other mental health illnesses.


OTs for children focuses on occupations, or activities, that a child may be having difficulty with including playing, learning, sleeping, interacting with friends, getting dressed or other daily routines.


Fine motor coordination and hand strength necessary for handwriting skills.

Self-regulatory strategies and socials skills for connecting with peers.

Visuospatial and depth perception skills for coloring inside the lines.


Autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, Down’s syndrome, sensory-processing disorders, muscular dystrophy, blindness, developmental disorders, and various birth defects


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