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We deliver online therapy services in the easy accessibility of the classroom, computer lab, or in the comfort of the student’s home. It’s much more time efficient, less costly, and can be arranged around the student’s schedule. Our licensed therapists support your students in developing the skills for learning, reading, writing and playing!
Grades we provide online therapy services:
Elementary School: PreKindergarten through 6th Grade
Middle School: 7th and 8th Grade
High School: 9th through 12th Grade

Speech Therapy

Our Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) are experienced and licensed to work with students of all ages. Our SLPs excitingly work with your students on various communication skills.

The most common communication skills for school-aged students are listed below.

  • Pronunciation: How to say a word and put sounds together
  • Language: Understanding words and using words correctly to express self and ideas
  • Stuttering: How a student’s speech flows
  • Cognitive Thinking: Ability to remember directions, problem solve and carryover organizational skills
  • Social Communication: Changing language appropriately for different circumstances and reading non-verbal expressions

These skills are critical for learning, reading comprehension and expressing oneself with peers and teachers. Our Speech-Language Pathologists are trained to help students, parents and teachers best utilize therapeutic strategies to optimize student development!

Occupational Therapy

Our licensed and experienced Occupational Therapists (OTs) work with students of all ages. Our OTs target student engagement in daily school routines including self care, classroom and recess activities.

The most common functional skills for school-aged students are listed below.

  • Self Care: Hand hygiene, feeding, tying shoes or zipping up a jacket
  • Hand Strength: Finger and grip strength for using scissors during crafts
  • Handwriting: Optimal hand positioning and technique for improving writing skills
  • Sensory Processing: How to self-regulate behaviors and feelings
  • Visual and Perceptual Skills: How to recognize and interpret what is seen in relation to self, paper and the space around you
  • Transitional Planning: Identifying long-term goals and preparing students for a successful transition if it may be independent living, employment or internship

These skills are important for developing independence and strategies that work best for each student. Our OTs are trained to support students, parents and teachers best utilize therapeutic strategies to optimize each student’s development!


Speak to one of our licensed therapists to discuss your individualized plan of care to ultimately thrive at your highest potential! Or if you’re still not sure which therapy service is right for you, try our FREE live chat. It’s hassle free with no obligations!

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