TheraWIDE® Telehealth


Telehealth Defined


Telehealth is accessible, affordable and easy: it’s providing therapy services online.
We use a secure platform for one-on-one video conferencing to provide expert therapy services to you and others in the community. Create your schedule around your availability and receive therapy services in the convenience and comfort of your own home.
What We Stand For


Our values both shape and inspire us to sustain and grow within the telehealth community.


We uphold our team of licensed therapists to the highest ethical standards following the same demands of a face-to-face practice.


We inspire and are genuinely mindful of best care through understanding and supporting both team members and clients.


We collaborate with each client to create a uniquely, personalized plan of care to meet the client’s specific needs.


We create a culture of transparency where each therapist is accountable for the services they provide.


We commit to creative, cutting edge research of technology and the continual advancement of our telehealth platform.


We lead through developing connections with our clients by our actions and commitment to quality therapy practice.

Every Client Matters


Here at TheraWIDE® we devote ourselves to providing therapy services to individuals across the nation breaking down geographical barriers. What does this mean? Who will benefit from telehealth? We believe it may be you. If you’re someone who has wrist pain caused from logging too many hours on the computer, an individual who cannot drive himself to an outpatient clinic after a knee replacement or the child that attends a conventional school program but still seems to fall behind in classes. We are available for you.

TheraWIDE® creates access to live, one-on-one therapy services through a secure, videoconferencing platform to individuals in need of speech, occupational, or physical therapy. In a study regarding the effectiveness of speech therapy with school-aged children, the results deemed telehealth therapy equally as effective as in-person therapy (Grogan-Johnson, Alvares, Rowan, & Creaghead, 2010). Therefore, we strive to deliver excellence through telehealth exceeding expectations of our clients and future clients seeking therapy.

The bottom line: TheraWIDE® provides easy, affordable, barrier free access to quality, online therapy for any individual who needs it.

Grogan-Johnson, S., Alvares, R., Rowan, L., & Creaghead, N. (2010). A pilot study comparing the effectiveness of speech language therapy provided by telemedicine with conventional on-site therapy. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, 16(3), 134-139. doi:10.1258/jtt.2009.090608 


Speak to one of our licensed therapists to discuss your individualized plan of care to ultimately thrive at your highest potential! Or if you’re still not sure which therapy service is right for you, try our FREE live chat. It’s hassle free with no obligations!

Our Promise To Each Of Our Clients

We’re committed to providing the best customer service possible. In order to meet this promise, we vow to only hire friendly, positive people that share our core values, passion for helping others and obsession with customer service.

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